Saturday, June 19, 2010

Argh. Second attempt at publishing this...

This is the product of my Friday night (and Saturday) sew-in. Though that's a bit of a lie - most of it isn't sewn. I couldn't get a photo without the cat, so this was the best I could do! Now to quilt - planning(!) on using free-motion around the edges of the applique.

Friday, June 18, 2010

No updates - life has interrupted me and also a stinker of a headache. But glad to see the button for the Friday night sew-in is working. I have a baby quilt to make (I know I said no new projects, but this is a present and a little last minute) and the material is currently on the line and should be dry by tomorrow, and I have an idea of a pattern. I've also been asked to make a baby quilt for a friend and a couple of other things, which is good.

I'll check back in tomorrow for the sew-in!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Nothing has been done sewing-wise but darning in... But I'm nearly done! I'm at one end, my mum at the other and the helper in the middle is Perdie, my cat.
...Ok. Not strictly true, as I did attack a fabric sale. I think the tedium of only doing one quilt had to be off-set by some new material! And I forgot to include a jelly roll I bought as well - Frolic by Sandy Gervais. Naughty me!
Our quilting group went on a trip to the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum on Saturday, where they kindly got some off their quilts out of storage to show us. Internet is on a bit of a go-slow, so I'll upload some of the photos the next time.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Organisation! Bought these the other day and it hasn't taken long to fill... Just one drawer left empty!

These aren't full yet apart from the pink one which is housing all unfinished projects. And it's full, so no more things to be started. I have been working on them - all prams appliqued for buggy quilt, progress made on babies with aids quilt and some on McIntosh rose also. And the biggest and most pressing unfinished project, the church quilt, is nearing an end! Finally! Finished the quilting today, unless anything needs to redone; ends to be darned in, and back turned round for a binding. Cannot wait!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bad bad blogger

Good job I introduced myself by saying I was a bad bad blogger! I've had a change of computer and problems with internet connection and have been very very busy. So now my internet connection is fixed, and I am getting back on board with blogging!

Our church is in need of a great deal of money for restoration, and instead of giving a monetary donation, I decided to make a quilt instead. It is made up of lots of squares, and the idea is that the person who guesses the correct number of squares will win it. I have nearly finished the quilting - it is a big, big job as my mum needs to hold it all up as I free-motion, and then endless threads to darn in... It has been a long process but hopefully will raise a good amount.

However, one of the things holding this up is the kitten mentioned in the previous entry. Very small and very fluffy has given way to getting big and still very fluffy (especially the tail) - called Perdita, or just Perdie. She loves the quilt like nothing else, and every time the quilt is taken out to be worked on, she will find her way there within minutes!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Time has slipped away the last while as I've become extremely busy. My mother has broken her arm and I have taken over her work on the farm, and I've also started giving tuition again with the start of the school year. I've repapered my bedroom, and all the painting and stripping involved. I've also become surrogate mum to a kitten; I always say our house is the Underground Railway of badly treated cats and dogs - somehow they always manage to turn up here! The kitten is very small, and very fluffy. It was very dirty with a cold, but both have been cleaned up. It spent a few days watching our other cat, studying how she was cleaning herself! So very little sewing done, but hopefully will have something to show for myself in a day or two. Just wanted to clock in!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Problem averted

Problem averted as there was plenty of fusible web at the fair. I had been using Bondaweb, but they had Steam-a-Seam 2, and I think I'm converted as it was fairly handy. That said, any shop near me stocks Bondaweb, so I may get a supply of Steam-a-Seam for particular things.

Workshop went well on the first day, but I had so many problems with my machine the next! Yes, I know, only a bad work(wo)man blames their tools, but I had to change bobbin thread, top thread, tension, stitch length, re-thread several times... My thread kept jumping off the tensioner so all told the back is not very attractive, but for once I don't care. It's going onto my wall, right side out, so I don't care about the back.

Photos of quilts with pets seems de rigeur, so I thought I'd sign off with a photo of my helper, Winky. She may be 7, but she's a big kitten!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


and drat some more. I have a workshop this weekend (Red Poppies) with the Lakeland Quilt Fair and need to order some fusible web, having just finished what I have. Unfortunately, I don't live anywhere near shops, and I have just discovered that my credit card has been copied, and now cancelled, so I can't order online. There are a few shops which are selling at the Quilt Fair, so fingers crossed someone is selling what I want to buy!

Finishing off a Nancy Halvorsen wallhanging I started last week to demonstrate using fusible web to our group. Picture to follow, hopefully.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A start

An introduction. My name is Eleanor, I am Irish, currently unemployed and, more pertinently to this blog, a new-ish but thoroughly obsessed quilter. I'd always liked the look of quilting and patchwork, and last year started classes. Our group is small, and to be honest is run more along the lines of encouraging people than necessarily teaching, so I've been reading blogs etc for some more tips, and was itching to join in! The problem was, I couldn't think what exactly I would blog about. I've blogged before, and it's just dwindled away, so I thought this should have, at least to get me going, some sort of aim. So you can guess from the existance of this that an aim I have! More of later, when I have myself bedded in here.

A photo is needed, which will explain rather a lot about me, maybe! This
From Drop Box
is the first patchwork thing I made, and a year later it's still like this - unfinished! To be honest, though I am ambitious enough (hence a 25 block Storm at Sea being the first thing I make!) I am worried about messing it up quilting it, so have left it to one side until I get more experience with quilting. I'm making my way there, though, with baby quilts and throws. You'll have to excuse the photo, I just couldn't get a spot big enough for to lay the quilt out, never mind then being able to fit it all in! As it was, I had to stand on a chair to be able to get that! I'll have to dig it out and see about taking a better photo!

So that's me, signing off for the first time, and now I'm off to go and stalk some of you! (As in, add your blogs to this! Any suggestions gratefully received!)